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Give some time to feeling despair. Then think of what it feels like to have hope. Then find what needs to be done to make hope more real than despair and do it.

Daily Words of Encouragement to Change Your Attitude

Daily words of encouragement

Changing your attitude.

Change is difficult. In many cases we see little need to make any changes in the way we approach life. Yet, change is always occurring, just at a rate so slow that it’s not noticeable. The question that tends to speed up the changing process is to ask if the attitude we have is hampering or helping the way we get through life. It’s not a question we ask readily. Why? Because most of us play games with ourselves. We don’t want to improve our personality, since we see it as unchangeable in the first place. And this is the key to the first step in changing. When we relax and quit trying to improve our lot in life, then we open the door for our lot to improve. This is very counter intuitive but quitting the inner struggle is the first step to our changing our attitude for the better.

Let’s explain what an attitude is before we go further. An attitude is a consistent manner of thinking or feeling about how one deals with life circumstances. You may have heard the line. “ Is the glass half full or half empty?” This refers to how one looks at the glass ( or anything else). If we tend to see ourselves and our resources being depleted, then the glass would be half empty, and if we saw ourselves as growing and building our resources, the glass would be half full. We all come at life with certain expectations and these expectations are the basis for our attitude. These expectations are developed early in life and for the most part are unconscious. If we expect things to go wrong, we don’t stop to ask why we think that, it just is our first reaction.

So again to the first step which is acceptance. We have to look at ourselves long enough to see what our is our actual attitude. Am I a suspicious person? Do I expect things to go wrong? Do I think things usually work out. These kind of questions make up our attitude we can’t accept that which we are not aware. But after these type question s get ask it should be fairly clear what our basic attitude is. Whatever it is, accept that it is there. It in neither good or bad. But it can get in the way or be beneficial. If it is beneficial then you are done. Don’t change what isn’t broke.

A comment about positive and negative attitudes is appropriate here. It is well known that being a positive person is seen as avery good thing. Being a negative person is also seen as having a bad attitude. But it’s not that simple. Life holds a grand array of varied circumstances. Being able to say yes and no is important. Being a positive person when there is no evidence, history, or experience to support being positive often leads us astray. The same holds for a negative reaction. The key is to be able to see life clearly before developing the attitude toward the circumstance. We are not required to always have an opinion on everything we come across. Often waiting to see if more information is available is the correct attitude.

So we have accepted that we have attitudes an have a feel for what they are. If we need to change then how does this work? While not directly trying squash our current attitude, we need to add an attitude of being non-judgmental. You can pretty much count on the fact that your attitude is a form of judgement. By developing the attitude of not judging yourself or others, you escape the trap of being too positive or negative. And you have the added benefit of being able to see life clearly. You will have to daily encourage yourself that not judging is okay.

There are two down sides to having a non-judgmental attitude. Decision making will become more difficult. Weighing all sides of an issue takes more time and often leads to a kind of mental stalemate. There is no easy out for this delima. It is the price one pays to be honest. The other downside is the frustration you may engender wither peers. Especially the ones that have instant opinions on everything, Again no easy answer to this problem. But you will have the knowledge that when you do decide issues, they have had a good hearing and you are satisfied that you haven’t just made a decision to ‘get it over with’.

I hope you see these as words of encouragement, since I tried to put this difficult process in a very condensed form.

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The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative

Example:Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration; or the history of fashion has provided designers with invaluable inspiration.


The ability to do something in spite of fear.

Example: She called on all her courage to face the ordeal. Or strength in the face of pain or grief:he fought his illness with great courage.


Trust or confidence in something based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Example: He trusted God to lead him through the valley of the shadow of death.

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